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First shipment of horses by plane from Zaragoza to Mexico

By 3 de August de 2019February 1st, 2024Live Animals, News

  • On Wednesday, July 24, the first shipment of horses was made by plane from Zaragoza to Mexico.

    The horses were taken in a special animal vehicle from the quarantine site in Madrid, where they had been kept for a month, to the Zaragoza airport.

    After 4 hours of travel, the truck arrived at the Zaragoza airport loading dock. The horse stall was then positioned to receive the horses.

    horses mexico

    Once inside the horse stall they were given water and moved inside the warehouse to the shaded area while the freighter loaded other cargo.

    horses mexico 3

    Just half an hour before the flight the horses were taken to the plane, to avoid noises that could disturb or frighten them. Once on the plane, they were checked to make sure they were calm and were given food and water for the trip. The groom who accompanied them on the trip kept them calm and comfortable during the trip.

    horses mexico 4

    They arrived safe and sound in Mexico. There they cleared customs and the cargo was released so that the horses could be removed and delivered to their new owners.

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