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Teamwork of the Dept. RORO of Altius

By 6 de July de 2016August 6th, 2023Archive

From the RORO department of Altius they send us a shipment achieved by Altius SRL Bolivia, which resulted in success thanks to teamwork.

The RORO Department in Vigo also helped with the negotiation of freight rates with the shipping companies, the logistics of origin and the management of cross-trade shipment with port of origin (Belgium) and port of destination (Chile).

  • Altius Bolivia was in charge of negotiating and dealing with the end customer and the units upon arrival, the management of the customs aspect upon importation and delivery in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia). Our colleagues in Bolivia perfectly control the suppliers and services, which allows us to provide this integral service in this type of traffic, which is a very important work of coordination and cooperation.

    The challenge in this case was to offer a service that would allow the 4 units to be ready in time for the opening of the center and this had to be adapted to the manufacturer’s production. In the end, one shipment per unit was made using the services of three different shipping lines to meet the objective.

    The goods transported consisted of 4 agricultural tractors.

    “Arriving together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success” – Henry Ford.

    Below are some photos of the units on land and on barge for delivery.